This is an advanced tutorial and is not supported by Media Wizard Studios. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.

Uploading your font

To get started, you will first need to upload the font into the Assets folder of your theme.

  1. To get to the Assets folder of your theme, navigate to your Shopify dashboard. From here, go to: Online Store > Actions > Edit Code
  2. Scroll down till you find the Assets folder and click add a new asset, select your font file and hit upload asset.

Installing your font in your theme

Next up: telling your theme that it can use the font file that you have uploaded.

  1. Go to your theme’s main CSS file (usually named styles.scss.liquid, theme.scss.liquid, or another variation of this). This file can be found in the Assets folder of your theme – navigate to the bottom of this file to add new code into your theme.
  2. Add the code below, replacing highlighted elements of the code with actual data.
    Font name > the name of the font, if the font has more than one word in it’s name it will need “quotation marks” – these will also be needed when inserting into Shogun.
    Filename > the name of the file that was just uploaded to your theme including the file extension, for example, cosmic_sans_bold.ttf.
    Format > the format of the font that was uploaded, for example, for Athena.ttf this would be “TrueType”.
@font-face {
font-family: "Font name";
src: url({{ "Filename" | asset_url }}) format("Format");

Available font formats: “woff”, “woff2”, “truetype”, “opentype”, “embedded-opentype” and “svg”.

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