Google Analytics: How to Setup + Access

Google Analytics: How to Setup + Access

There are two ways to access Analytics: through a standalone account at, or through your linked Google Ads account.

  • You can sign in to your Analytics account from
  • Click Sign in (at top right), and select Analytics.
  • If you are already signed in to Google (e.g. you are signed in to your Gmail account), you’ll be taken directly to the Analytics user interface. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your Google account (e.g. Gmail account) and password. Once you have signed in to Analytics, you can open the account search at the top of any Analytics page to see the accounts, properties, and views to which you have access.
  • If you’ve linked Analytics to a Google Ads account, you can access your Analytics views and reports at any time by clicking Tools > Measurement in your Google Ads account. Use the menu on the tab to select Analytics.

How to Setup: Google Analytics on your website.

Get started with Analytics

To start collecting basic data from a website:

  1. Create or sign in to your Analytics account:
    • Go to
    • Do one of the following:
      • To create an account, click Start for free.
      • To sign in to your account, Click Sign in to Analytics.
  2. Set up a property in your Analytics account. A property represents your website or app, and is the collection point in Analytics for the data from your site or app.
  3. Set up a reporting view in your property. Views let you create filtered perspectives of your data; for example, all data except from your company’s internal IP addresses, or all data associated with a specific sales region.
  4. Follow the instructions to add the tracking code to your websiteso you can collect data in your Analytics property.

Google Analytics: First StepsFour steps in Google Analytics that will help you gain a clear, comprehensive picture of your business.

Next steps

Configure your account, properties, and views to determine access to your data and which data is available.

For example, you can:

Modify your tracking code to collect additional data such as:

  • User interactions with links, buttons, video controls, and other dynamic elements of your site or app. Learn more about event tracking.
  • Ecommerce activity like user engagement with product lists and internal promotions, and how successfully users moved through your purchase funnel and checkout process. Learn more about ecommerce and enhanced-ecommerce data collection and reporting.

Download the Analytics app

Once you have installed the tracking code on your site or app, and have configured your Analytics account, download the Analytics app from Google Play so you can take Analytics reporting with you anywhere (well, anywhere you have a connection).

Learn more about the Analytics app

GSUITE: How to add Email Aliases

GSUITE: How to add Email Aliases

Give a user an additional “email alias” address (sales@)

As a G Suite admin, you can give a user an alternate address for receiving mail, in addition to a user’s primary address. Do this by adding an email alias to their account, in your Google Admin console.Example: If wants a sales address for corresponding with customers, give him the email alias Mail sent to either address then appears in his Gmail inbox, and he can send email using either address. 

Give users email aliases at no extra cost.

Important: Aliases are not private, and in some cases they’re visible to other users. For example, if a recipient searches Gmail for messages from, search results might also include messages from his alias,

See more options: Rename a user or change a user’s email addressNew update being released: These instructions describe an updated version of this feature, which is currently rolling out to customers. If your organization’s account doesn’t yet have this update, your interface will appear slightly different.

Add an email alias for a G Suite user

You can add up to 30 aliases for each user, at no extra cost.

Tip (If available): Try the quick link. At the top of your Admin console Home page, click Create an alternate email address, search for the user, click Proceed, and then go to step 5 below.

  1. In your Google Admin console (at…
  2. Go to Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user. If you need help, see Find a user account.
  4. Click the user’s name to open their account page.
  5. Click User information and then Alternate email addresses (email aliases)
  6. Click Alternate email and enter an alternate username (the part of the address that appears before the @ sign).Note: You can’t create an alias currently assigned to someone else, either as a primary address or alias.
  7. (Optional) If multiple domains have been added in your Admin console, the field to the right of the @ sign is a menu listing available domains. Select a domain for the alias address.Note: Domains added as a domain alias don’t appear in this list. A domain alias applies for everyone in your account and can’t be customized for a single user.
  8. Click Save.
  9. (Optional) To return to the user’s account page, at the top right, click the Up arrow "" .

Within 24 hours (and often sooner), the user will begin to receive email sent to this address.

Send mail from an email alias

Creating an email alias lets the user receive email at that address. To send mail with the alias address in the From field, they need to set up a custom From address in Gmail. They must also do this to receive messages they send to their own email alias.

Share these steps with your users: Send mail from a different address or alias.

Remove a user’s email alias

  1. In your Google Admin console (at…
  2. Go to Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user. If you need help, see Find a user account.
  4. Click the user’s name to open their account page.
  5. Click User information and then Alternative email addresses (email alias)
  6. At the right of the alias you want to remove, click Remove Cancel.Note: An alias with no Remove option was automatically added as a domain alias. This gives all your users an alias at this same domain. You can’t remove the alias for just one user. Instead, you need to remove the domain alias.
  7. Click Save.
  8. (Optional) To return to the user’s account page, at the top right, click the Up arrow "" .

It can take up to 24 hours for the alias to be removed.

Used only for email

People can use email aliases only to send and receive mail. They must keep using their primary address to sign in to their account, sync with a mobile device, or share Google Docs and Sites.

Related topics

Add a domain alias to give everyone in your account an email alias at another domain you own. 

Full Details here:

Integrate Google Workspace to Outlook: Transfer Tool

Integrate Google Workspace to Outlook: Transfer Tool

Download, sign in, and import

1. Download and install GWSMO

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook Next: 2. Sign in to your Google Account

This article is for Google Workspace users. To begin administering GWSMO, go to GWSMO Admin Help.

Installing Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) also installs Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO), which lets you migrate your Outlook data to your new Google Account. We recommend using this migration product if you want to stop using Outlook entirely.

Before you begin

  • If you haven’t already, sign in to your Google Account to accept Google’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Make sure that you install GWSMO on the computer where you use Outlook.
  • Before you install GWSMO, make sure Outlook is not running.

Option 1: I’m downloading and installing GWSMO myself

  1. Review these system requirements for your computer.Before continuing with the installation, install any updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.
  2. Go to the GWSMO download page and click Download GWSMO.
  3. To install GWSMO, open the installer and follow the instructions.

Next step

Sign in to your Google Account.

Option 2: My admin downloaded GWSMO to my computer

Install GWSMO based on your version of Windows:

  • Windows 7 and up—From the Start menu, click Microsoft System Centerand thenSoftware Centerand thenApplicationsand thenGoogle Workspace Syncand thenInstall.For more information on Software Center, consult your Microsoft documentation.
  • Earlier versions of Windows—In Control Panel, click Run Advertised Programsand thenGoogle Workspace Syncand thenRun.

Next step

Import your data.

Option 3: My admin installed GWSMO

From the Start menu, click Set up a Google Workspace Sync user.

Next step

2. Sign in to your Google Account

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft OutlookNext: 3. Import your data

Let’s make sure you’re in the right place. This article is for users setting up Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) so they can synchronize their Google Account with Outlook. For help signing in to your account, ask an administrator at Who is my administrator? Note that GWSMO does not work with your personal ( account.

After you install Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO), you’re prompted to sign in with the Google Account you use for work or school, like

To sign in:

  1. Enter the email address for your Google Account and click Continue.
  2. Enter your password and click Next.
  3. Click Allow to provide GWSMO access to your Google Account.

Next, you can create a Google Workspace profile to import your data (optional), or skip ahead to Start using Outlook.

Google, Google Workspace, and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. All other company and product names are trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.

Import your data.

3. Import your data

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft OutlookNext: 4. Start using Outlook

With Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO), you can import your Outlook data to your Google Account from the following source environments:

  • an existing Outlook profile
  • a Microsoft Exchange profile (if you’re using Exchange)
  • a PST file containing data exported from Outlook

Option 1: I’m ready to import data now

  1. In the Set Up Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook box, check the Import data from an existing profile box. Then, select an option:
    • An existing Outlook profile (default).
    • If your Exchange profile is listed, select the profile name to import directly from Exchange.
    • If you’ve exported your data from Outlook to a PST file, select From a PST file. Browse to the file on your computer.
    Note: If the options are grayed out, you need to install a separate tool to import data. For details, go to Turn on import options.
  2. Check the boxes to specify what type of data to import. For details, go to What’s synchronized between Outlook and Google Workspace?
  3. (Optional) Check the Send crash reports and usage statistics to Google box. For details about what information is sent, go to Send usage and crash reports.
  4. Click Show advanced settings.
  5. Check the Turn AutoArchive off box to keep a copy of all your archived messages.Now, your archived messages will go to a new Archived folder that is synced with your Google Account.
  6. Click Create profile.

Option 2: I’m not ready to import data now

If you don’t want to import data now, skip ahead to Start using Outlook. You can Import your Outlook data later when you’re ready.

Option 3: I have already imported data

If you’ve already imported data into your Google Account, do not re-import the same data. You might end up with duplicate calendar events, contacts, or notes. Go to Start using Outlook.

Advertise in Grande Prairie and Area – FREE + Paid

Advertise in Grande Prairie and Area – FREE + Paid

 Where to Advertise your business for free or paid services in


Being in the media / web / technology industry in Grande Prairie, Alberta for the last decade. We have found the need to have an unbiased list for advertising your business in Grande Prairie. No Fluff, just the good stuff – specifications, locations maybe even pricing… everything you need in one place for your business! 

We have taken multiple years to compile this list with valuable information such as government traffic data and potential website traffic stats etc.

Why? Personally made it easier for US… HAHA!
We always want our clients to take advantage of anything within their reach! This map was created just so you can make the most informed decision for your marketing dollars. This is a live map and work in-progress… so comments are appreciated! 

So without further jargon… here it is! 

PLEASE NOTE: We have not been paid to promote any of these locations.

ADVERTISERS, We hope potentially you will see your referral traffic boosted from our website ( to YOURS 🙂 >> CLICK HERE FIND OUT HOW TO SEE REFERRAL LINKS IN YOUR OWN ANALYTICS<<

LIKE THIS?? If you found this list useful and would like to DONATE – send to



  • Billboards
  • Indoor TV Networks
  • Online Advertising
  • Website Cross-Promotion


  • Magazines
  • Local Coffee News
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Printing


  • Portables
  • Stationary Billboards (Static/Tarp)
  • Sandwich Boards


  • Free Places to post your promo
  • Local Cork Boards
  • Local Event Postings



Billboards & SiGNS

Digital Billboards are becoming a popular way to advertise. Cost to create graphics and change up your marketing on the fly is way more cost effective. 

General campaign graphics can be used across digital marketing (Social, Google, Bing (SEM) etc.) Then cascaded on the big screens across the city in a few steps! 

If you are looking to have some graphics created for your business no matter the medium – CONTACT US.

Need more information on City of GP Permits and signage regulations? CLICK HERE.


TWO (2) – 10’x20′ Outdoor Digital Billboards

Located on Highway 40 (South) Correction Line – Reilly Transfer Yard

SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 384w x 192h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG

DRIVER Advertising


SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


Chamber of Commerce Billboard (Centre 2000)

View Website

The Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce provides the exclusive opportunity for our Members to advertise on our digital sign. Located outside of Centre 2000 on 116 Avenue and 106 Street, this sign is stationed at one of the busiest intersections in Grande Prairie.

Digital billboards capture the attention of a wide range of different commuters. Capture their attention and reach a massive audience. With weekly, monthly, and yearly booking, we have options to meet all advertising budgets. Not-for-profit Member rates are also available.

For rate information, contract terms and design guidelines, please contact Leah Fujarczuk by phone at 780-532-5340 or email


FIVE (5) – 10’x20′ Outdoor Digital Billboards

Website –

SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


FIVE (5) – 10’x20′ Outdoor Digital Billboards


SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


Indoor Digital Networks

Grande Prairie

  • Grande Prairie Farmer’s Market
  • A1 License Centre
  • Nitehawk Adventure Park x 2
  • Firecrust Pizza
  • HJ’s Family Bowling
  • Shade All
  • Vintage Wine & Spirits
  • Dave Barr Arena
  • Dr. Afridi & Dr. Pieterse
  • Wokbox
  • Crosslink County Sportsplex
  • Centre West Enviro Wash & Lube
  • Shell
  • JP Outpost
  • Evergreen Park
  • Nordic Court


  • Dunvegan Inn & Suites
  • Aurora Sports bar
  • Rose & Thistle Pub

Peace River

  • Casey Registires
  • Bell Petroleum Centre


Digital Ad campaigns can be lucrative to showcase your information to your specific audience.

We look at your current website and account data to choose the right niche of targeted clientelle. 


Audience Growth

Return Visitor Growth

Revenue Boost

STATIC / PORTABLE                 


Billboards & Signs


Looking to install fixed signage in the City of Grande Prairie? Make sure to check out local rules & regulations



SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


FIVE (5) – 10’x20′ Outdoor Digital Billboards

Website –

SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG





If you are looking to advertise your event or business on an approved city boulevard, visit the City of GP website for more information.

Approved providers may place signs at various locations within designated areas of the City. All sites are subject to availability.


Your connection to what’s happening in Grande Prairie!

Published: Quarterly

Community Connections contains details about programs for all ages, events and important information for residents of the City of Grande Prairie.

Ad Sizes:
Quarter Page – 3.375” x 4.625”
Half Page (Horizontal) –  7” X 4.625”
Full Page –  7” X 9.5”


Visit Website 

  • Homes & Land of Grande Prairie & Area

    Brad Babiuk and Allison Usunier, Publisher
    Phone: (780) 293-1616

>Grande Prairie Magazine Ad Request Form<



SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


In Alberta and Saskatchewan, we are extremely well distributed in Fine Dining establishments, Fast Food restaurants, Coffee Shops and places where people wait throughout the region. Coffee News® provides a few minutes of light reading while the order is taken and the meal is prepared. Since most patrons can read Coffee News® in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well. Coffee News® works!

Published: Weekly



GP Chamber Member Connections is issued on the 1st and 15th of every month and distributed by Constant Contact email to our membership and shared on our social media pages.

The Chamber Member Connections newsletter provides FREE advertising opportunities to our members – allowing them to promote their accomplishments, sales, and special events to the entire Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce network and beyond.

Submissions: Chamber Members Only – must be limited to no more than 250 words, one logo and/or one .jpg, .pdf, or .png image, and should be emailed to no later than three business days prior to publication to allow for editing.





Events are a great way to expose yourself to the local culture and really get to know how your real life audience interacts with your brand, product or business as a whole.

We have included some local events that have advertising opportunities or bundles with sponsorship. 


Your connection to what’s happening in Grande Prairie!

Published: Quarterly

Community Connections contains details about programs for all ages, events and important information for residents of the City of Grande Prairie.

Ad Sizes:
Quarter Page – 3.375” x 4.625”
Half Page (Horizontal) –  7” X 4.625”
Full Page –  7” X 9.5”



SPECS: 7 second ads, 4 week flight Dimensions: 576w x 288h pixels. Format:PNG or JPG


This 100+ Year old event has its own program, multiple event centres and viewing areas to showcase your business  visit for full details on how you can become apart of 4 DAY IN THE WILD!




Looking to cross promote your business on multiple websites? Some of these websites are free listings and some are paid. 




Many businesses are featured on the Peace Country Business Directory, with addresses, phone numbers and links to their websites.

To be featured on the Peace Country BUSINESS DIRECTORY contact:





Fees: Free Listing




Fees: We assume this is for their clients that pay to be here. 
VIEW Business Directory






Looking to cross promote your business card, poster or flyer in FREE LOCATIONS in Grande Prairie & Area?

*Some of these locations required to be approved by a manager or may only advertise not for profit flyers. 


Free/Non-Profit Community Billboard. Each Store will have to approve posters and events. Bring Tape or Magnets


Free/Non-Profit Community Business Card Board. Bring a Push Pin

Black Framed Cork Board


Non-Profit Community Billboard just inside the front door. Bring Stapler or Push Pin


Large Business Card Cork Board in front of till. Purchase your coffee or sweet treat & Bring Stapler or a Push Pin and good luck fitting your card in there somewhere 🙂 

Site isn’t showing up in Search Results

Reasons your site doesn’t rank — and how to fix poor rankings
A number of factors can influence your site’s Google rankings (or lack thereof).

Here are six reasons you might be wondering “why isn’t my website showing up on Google” and what you can do to fix it.

1. Your website isn’t indexed
Sites that aren’t indexed by Google won’t show up in search results — and there are several reasons your site isn’t being crawled and indexed by Google bots.

Your site is new

If your website is new, keep in mind that it can take several weeks for Google to index your site and reflect the changes in search results.

This is especially true for new websites since they don’t typically have many inbound links. Google considers both the number and quality of inbound links to sites when ranking them. It takes time to build up your domain authority, so don’t expect to see immediate rankings for a new website.

Your site has “no index” tags

If you have an older site that isn’t indexed, check your use of “no index” tags before searching “my website isn’t showing up on Google.”

Adding “no index” code to your site prevents search bots from crawling and indexing specific pages.

While there are some instances where you’d want to use “no index” tags, you’ll want to consult an SEO agency to make sure it’s done right and doesn’t prevent pages you want to rank from appearing in search results.

In addition, a robots.txt file can prevent Google crawlers from visiting entire portions of your site, so you’ll want to make sure you didn’t accidentally disallow pages you want to rank.

Websites that operate on WordPress have built-in features that instruct search engines not to index the sites. Owners need to disable the setting manually by visiting Settings >> Reading and unchecking the box next to Search Engine Visibility.

Wondering “how to index my site on Google”? Take a look at these tips

How to fix a non-indexed site

If your website isn’t indexed on Google, start by creating an account on Google Search Console.

This allows you to direct Google to your sitemap.xml and request it to crawl and index your URLs. It’s important to remember, though, that Google doesn’t guarantee site indexing, and if your site is new, it may still take time to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). You can also update your site’s “no index” tags in your code and robots.txt to ensure Google bots can find, crawl, and index your pages.

2. Your website has a penalty
Penalties can also prevent your site from ranking in Google search results.

If your site doesn’t meet Google’s quality guidelines, it may temporarily or permanently remove your site from search results.

Google penalties include:

Deindexed: Google completely removes your domain from search results.
Penalized: Your domain still exists, but you can’t find your pages via direct search. This penalty may result from a Google algorithm update, or Google can manually apply it.
Sandboxed: Your Google traffic drops suddenly, but your domain wasn’t Deindexed or Penalized.

How to fix a Google penalty

Check Google Search Console for penalty alerts. If your site gets penalized, you’ll need to take steps to modify your website to meet Google’s guidelines. Then, you can submit your site for reconsideration to get back on Google.

3. Your website isn’t optimized for search
If you’re searching “my website doesn’t show up on Google,” you might need to beef up your SEO.

Search engines like Google consider hundreds of factors when rankings sites — and SEO helps you ensure your website’s optimized to rank at the top of SERPs.

SEO spans several strategies designed to boost your rankings and help you earn more conversions (and revenue) online. You can have the most beautifully designed site, but without SEO, it won’t rank in SERPs. Not to mention, nobody will be able to find and contact your business.

How to fix a website that isn’t optimized for search

Start by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of your site. An SEO audit allows you to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary fixes to achieve top rankings.

When optimizing your site for search, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Clean up your site’s code and technical SEO
Ensure your site loads quickly
Streamline your website design and navigation to provide a positive user experience
Include target keywords in your site copy, headings, and page titles
Create in-depth, quality content that answers searchers’ questions
Depending on your time and resources, you may decide to spring for a custom SEO package.

4. Your website’s content sucks
Speaking of content, if your site copy sucks, there’s a good chance your site won’t show up in Google search results.

Search engines like Google want to rank sites that provide quality content that matches a searcher’s intent and satisfies their queries.

When creating content, aim to make it comprehensive enough that it fully answers searchers’ questions, so they don’t have to hit the back button to check out other results.

While you don’t need to create full-length guides to rank in SERPs, it’s essential to provide searchers with valuable content that keeps them engaged on your site — and encourages them to contact you to take the next step.

How to fix content that sucks

If your content leaves something to be desired, consider partnering with a full-service content marketing agency like WebFX to create custom site content. Our team understands how to create content that ranks in search results, and we’ll help you beef up existing pages to improve your position in the SERPs.

It’s also important to remember that search engines and users like fresh content, so keep yours updated regularly to achieve the best results.

5. Your keywords are too competitive
If you’re reading this post and thinking, “My content’s great and my website still isn’t showing up on Google,” then it’s time to revisit your keyword targeting.

Trying to rank for highly-competitive results, especially when competing with bigger brands, can sometimes leave your business in the dust. Instead, consider targeting long-tail, more specific phrases that contain three or more keywords.

While long-tail keywords have lower monthly search volumes, they are also less competitive, giving you a better chance of ranking at the top of search results. In addition, long-tail keywords typically have a more specific search intent.

For example, if someone searches a generic keyword like, “tent,” it’s hard to determine exactly what they want to find.

Do they want to know how to set up a tent? Are they researching the best tent for their next camping trip? Do they want to buy a specific type of tent?

On the other hand, if someone searches the long-tail phrase, “buy two-person backpacking tent,” you know that they’re ready to purchase.

Companies that sell outdoor gear will have an easier time ranking for the long-tail phrase “buy two-person backpacking tent,” and they can create content that matches that specific intent.

How to fix an overly ambitious keyword strategy

Successful SEO campaigns always start with keyword research.

Using tools like Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and Google’s Keyword Planner, try to identify long-tail keywords with less competition that offer the most value to your business. Targeting less competitive phrases will allow you to show up in Google results and reach more customers online.

6. Your site doesn’t provide a good user experience (UX)
Finally, if your website delivers a poor user experience (UX), you can kiss top rankings goodbye.

Search engines want to rank valuable content and websites that provide visitors with a great experience. If users don’t have a positive experience on your website, they’ll waste no time hitting the back button — a signal to Google that your site shouldn’t rank.

Improving UX on your site can reduce bounce rates, engage visitors, and help them learn more about your business, all while helping you rank higher in search results.

How to fix a poor UX on your website

A few quick fixes can take your UX and site rankings to new heights. To improve your site’s UX, you can:

Speed up your site’s load time with page speed optimization services
Streamline your site’s navigation to make it easy to find information
Include visual elements to break up content and engage visitors
For more info on improving your site’s UX, check out our user experience analysis services.

Take charge of your rankings with SEO services from WebFX
WebFX offers custom SEO services to help your business rank at the top of search results and earn more revenue online.

We’ll audit your SEO strategy to determine why your site isn’t showing up on Google and help you implement solutions that drive results — and prevent you from searching “my website isn’t showing up on Google.”

Want to learn more? Contact us online or give us a ring at 888-601-5359 for a free SEO quote!

Add or claim your Google business listing

Add or claim your Google business listing

To add your business information to Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties, create a Business Profile on Google (or get access to one, if it exists). Use Google My Business for free to manage how your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps.

Add your business listing through Google My Business

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account, or create one. Then, click Next.
    • Sign up with your business email domain since this account will be for your chain. Enter the name of your business or chain. You can also select your chain from the suggestions that appear as you type (if applicable).
  3. Enter your business’ or chain’s address. You may also be asked to position a marker on the location of your chain’s branch on a map. If your business doesn’t have a physical location but works in a service area, you can list the area instead. Then, click Next
  4. Choose if you want your business location to appear on Google Maps.
    • If you serve customers at your business address:
      1. Enter your business address.
      2. Click Next.
        Tip: If you also serve customers outside your business address, you’ll have the option to list your service areas as well.
    • If you don’t serve customers at your business address:
      1. Enter your business address.
      2. At the bottom, click I deliver goods and services to my customers and then Next.
      3. List your service areas, then click Next.
  5. Search for and select a business category. You can also choose a more specific category as appropriate. Then, click Next.
  6. Enter a phone number or website URL for your chain, and click Finish.
    Tip: You’ll also have the option to create a free website based on your information. It’s recommended that you provide the individual phone number or store page for each location, rather than a single centralized call center.
  7. Select a verification option.
    • To verify later, click Verify later and then Later. If you’re not authorized to manage the Business Profile for the chain, find the person in your organization who’s authorized and continue the process.

Tip: If you see a page that says “This listing has already been claimed,” click Request access. Then, follow the directions to claim your business. Learn more about how to request ownership.

Add your business through Google Maps

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google Maps.
  2. You can add your business in 3 ways:
    • Enter your address in the search bar. On the left, in the Business Profile, click Add your business.
    • Right-click anywhere on the map. Then, click Add your business.
    • In the top left, click Menu Menuand then Add your business.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish signing up for Google My Business.

Claim your business through Google Maps

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the search bar, enter the business name.
  3. Click the business name and choose the correct one.
  4. Click Claim this business and then  Manage now.
    • To choose a different business, click I own or manage another business.
  5. Select a verification option, and follow the on-screen steps.

Ready to find your business on Google?

Verify your business listing so it’s eligible to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google properties.