Welcome to another fantastic evening building your goals and learning new ways of doing things!

This month we are looking at the favorite tools everyone uses to make planning easier, fun and slightly addicting! 😛

These are a list of my favorite MUST HAVES:

Planner – Well of course you will need a planner! Choose one that fits your lifestyle! Always on the go? Maybe opt for a traveler’s notebook style or smaller bullet journal. Love desktop or big monthly fridge calendars? Go for it! My personal favorite is the PASSION PLANNER <3 #PASHFAM
I find it has everything I need for my business and personal life and features goal planning too! I am also a lefty so something that lays flat is always my friend.

If you want to buy your own passion planner delivered direct to you. CLICK HERE >>> http://rwrd.io/vl9ul2x

Pens & Colored Markers – Depending on your planner the paper might be thinner so you want to test your pens on an unused page before you go doodling and having it bleed through the page. I love my Papermate Flair Pens which come in a wide variety of colors. The Papermate INKJOY ballpoint pens are also awesome! I use a mechanical pencil or FRIXON Eraseable pens through out the week to allow changes in my schedule but then go back over and write with pen.

Sharpie pens tend not to bleed like actual sharpies but if you have a heavy hand then I would stay away from these ones.

Stickers – You can find stickers anywhere! Happy Meals, Sticker Packs at the dollar store. If you stroll down the aisle and get overwhelmed… Pick things that make you happy! Or color coordinate or think of the season and dream from there 🙂 I personally love the Happy Planner stickers because they are easy to find at Micheals and they have tons of variety. And FOIL… I LOVE SPARKLY FOIL! Now you can go crazy on getting all the stickers at once but I like to build my collection from various local stores and etsy shops so you have a good variety.

Washi Tape – Again… don’t go crazy on washi! Haha *Don’t judge me on my horde* I’ve been trying to limit my love for all the washi tape…. Washi Tape is a paper tape that is adorned with sparkles or cute sayings, foils and patterns. I like have various sizes and colors to decorate certain sections in my planner. They are also good for creating bookmarks, paperclips, or tab dividers. Who am I kidding…. Washi tape is everything… so awesome 😛

Magazines & Scrap paper– These are great for creating your dream/goal boards. Adding pizzaz to your weekly layouts. It’s also good to recycle that stack of magazines laying around your bedroom nightstand and give them a new purpose.

Glue & Adhesives – Ok this is going to sounds bad but don’t cheap out on glue! ELMER’S GLUE sucks the big one… Don’t buy anything Elmer’s….
The trick for finding a good glue? 3M (if it has the 3M logo on it… it’s the good stuff) Favorite glue stick right now is the Scotch 3M glue stick. I also like the roller dots or the double sided tape with the fancy dispenser. However, I find those contraptions quite pricey and not as durable as a good old fashioned glue stick so you can make your preference on what you like the best.

Tape – I like scotch tape. I am not too picky on tape however when I am placing in pressed flowers I like to use a really clear packing tape (mine is Canada post brand) to seal those into my pages. (Also good for fixing broken binding on your much loved planner)

Paper Cutter – This is a must if you love straight clean cuts. Saves time in making layouts and cutting pictures.

Paper Clips & Magnetic Bookmarks – I love these to clip notes or tickets to my pages or mark my current weeks/months.

Post-it Notes – I LOVE STICKY NOTES. I seriously should have stock in Post-It’s they are great for reminders, leaving notes or allowing you the move your schedule around within your week without having to make them permanent. These are usually something I don’t cheap out on. The full sticky back ones are probably my favorite. And all those pretty bright colors!

Sticker Binder with Plastic Sheet protectors – This idea I found on the internet so I’m not going to claim it. But it has helped organize my stickers and allow me to find them easier. They get disorganized pretty much each time


Bonus: (these aren’t necessary but these are some planner investment tools)

Instax Camera – I love these little cameras to take on the go for fun trip photos or great for the family member with memory issues. (I like to leave pictures with my grandma when we visit)

Silhouette Cameo 3 – You can cut anything with this beast! I love it. I am still perfecting my custom sticker cutting skills but this machine is awesome!

Polaroid ZIP – I picked this up with my Airmiles points I think it normally retails for about $260 USD but basically you can turn any photo on your phone into a polaroid instantly with no ink cartridges.

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Author: Nicole White

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