A lot of clients are striving for the ultimate portal to capture their reviews. However, the answer isn’t always simple… You want to have reviews on all platforms as reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp have other benefits than just telling your clients how awesome you are… reviews also help in Search Engine Optimization.

Ever wonder why the competition is always beating you in Map results? Take a look at your reviews.

Are they 5 stars? Text and Rating or just rating?  The competition is actively responding to their business profile comments and reviews. They outscore your one lonely 5-star rating 10 fold… Step up your game! Start asking for that review after your sale.

In this article, I will be helping you get linked up to your social review profiles. Some of these may or may not pertain to your set demographic. If you are feeling overwhelmed with asking for all platforms; work on the main ones (Facebook and Google) to start.


Facebook Review Link:

  • To find your review link simply navigate to your facebook page. ex. https://www.facebook.com/MediaWizardStudios/
  • Then simply add reviews/ to the end of your weblink https://www.facebook.com/MediaWizardStudios/reviews/
  • This isn’t a direct “Add your review” link but it will get them to the right page.


Google Review Link:

Google has made it easy in an article.


Yelp Review Link: