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Tips & Tricks

Plan your day the afternoon before

This allows for maximum productivity and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Didn’t get it all done due to the crazy? Check it off tomorrow! Don’t beat yourself up for things beyond your control. If you have extra time, stick down some stickers and have some fun!


Keep a journal of your daily achievements and challenges

Most of us set our own goals because no one is forcing us to adult… unfortunately… So you have to WRITE IT DOWN! In order to keep focused on what you are working towards. You need to measure something in the past.


Schedule time for checking email (30-90 minutes a day)

I am horrible at this. I check it too often so I am stuck in that trap of endless emails when I should be getting work done. Schedule a couple times a day depending on your frequency of messages. That goes for your facebook too… don’t check it!


Document the habits you’re trying to improve

Habit trackers are great if you are looking to track new habits to get to a goal. (Ex. Meditate Daily) You can buy stickers or just track on simple graph paper.


Don’t try and remember everything

That is what your planner is for! If you need a digital backup 90% of us have this handy thing called a cell phone to keep up constant reminders. (Take some time to schedule normal family duties or reoccurring events/chores to keep the family on top of things) I have a family google calendar that sends notifications for bills or garbage days as I usually don’t have time to document finer things in my planner.

If you want to do it, schedule it

Planning to do something for a while now? Just haven’t got it done? Schedule it. If you don’t put a date on it. Tomorrow never comes. Get it done. Get organized. You are in control.

Want something: set a date!


Automate! Track your time and “trim the fat”

If you were to track everything you did on a 2-week basis. You could figure out how to trim those extra stressful moments or be more efficient at work? Be more present at home?

I have made little improvements to my day to day life that make a huge difference. Such as investing in a Roomba. Labelling where towels, pots and pans and other household items go. So we know if we are running low or where it belongs. This saves time in the grand scheme of things. But without keeping track of my time, I wouldn’t know how to more effectively use my time.

My cellphone turns down my thermostat when I leave the house. IFTTT is a great tool for automation as well. I recommend you give it a try lots of life automations!

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Author: Nicole White

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