We have been to Vegas a couple times in the last few years. I love the excitement and the over the top “show” that is displayed through out their food, advertising and general day to day operations.

This first time I went to Las Vegas was for a conference with Brad Sugars – We stayed way out at Lake Las Vegas in the Westin Resort. We spent a lot of time in MasterClasses, the resort was beautiful and we had a little taste of the Vegas Strip a few nights as well as some shopping at the Premium Outlets. First Time using an Uber and Lyft so that was fun!

Second Time we stayed at the Paris – we did ALOT of walking. We went for our anniversary in January so it was quite cold but nothing two Albertans can’t handle. I find it to be opposite of Grande Prairie as the wind picks up at night so a light to medium jacket would be perfect. It was nice to have the CVS and Planet Hollywood with the Miracle Mile Shops not too far away.
We were there for 4 days 5 nights which I find is a little long to go if you aren’t attending an event or have no real agenda. We aren’t gamblers or really big drinkers.
DAY 1: Landed @ 11 am
– Checked in at the Paris
– Ate @ The Habit Burger & Grill in Fashion Mall (Burger & Milkshake)
– Walk to Reef Dispensaries (LONG WALK from Paris)
– Eiffel Tower Experience (If you are scared of heights I wouldn’t recommend HAHA the triangle Glass Elevator was crazy! make sure to go up close to the Bellagio Fountain Show times so you get to see the show from above!)

DAY 2:
– Breakfast at Wyndham… Yes we got hooked into the timeshare BS…but we said NO a billion times and got our show tickets and buffet!
-Bellagio Botanical Gardens – Walkaround
– 7:30pm went to the RIO Carnival World Seafood Buffet (we didn’t pay for the “seafood Upgrade” there was still tons of seafood in the normal Buffet. We love buffets so you can pick what you want.)
– We ended up chilling around our hotel and relaxing planning for the next couple days 😉

DAY 3:

So we were on the hunt and tried to do all the “Free Things” to do in Vegas.
Some of these things include:
– Las Vegas Sign
– Mirage Volcano Show
– Bellagio Fountain Show
– Red Rock Canyon
– Golden Nugget: Hand of Faith (Viewing only)
– Million Dollars Photo @ Binions on Fremont Street

Next time we stayed at the Flamingo – 65 km of walking on this trip too… bring good shoes LOL

Other Great Places to add to your next Las Vegas Trip:

Mirage’s Wildlife Habitat & Dolphin Sanctuary:
Beautiful place to spend the day! Tour around the grounds and see the dolphins swimming around as well as the Siegfried & Roy’s white tigers and exotics. Super tropical and the information sessions were really neat with some dolphin tricks/exercises. You can see the animals are well cared for and habitats are maintained.

Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum:
Super fun! sort of eerie to chill with dead celebrities a little bit BUT! lots of photo opportunities and it was a super fun detour at the Venetian. The escalators are amazing! Just those alone are a sight to see!

Grand Canyon:
Still on my to dos when we go there next. I would love to take our son and tour around.
This two-hour drive from Vegas along the west rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way you need to stop at the Hoover Dam too! *pedestrian walkway you can cross for great views.
There is a Skywalk – offering dynamic views of the canyon from 1,200 meters!

Red Rock Canyon:
Just 30 minutes west of the Strip, you will find Red Rock Canyon. A 20 kilometre scenic road is a national conservation area filled with hiking trails, scenic views and wildlife. This road meanders through the desert, with over 20 different hiking trails. Wildlife consists of burros, bighorn sheep and the mascot, a tortoise named Mojave Max.
Park Gate opens at 6 am year round.

Lake Mead:
Just 50 kilometres south east of Las Vegas, the lake has always been a great getaway. You can rent bikes and ride along the Historic Rail Road Trail. Scenic views of the lake from above and pass through five (5) railroad tunnels used in the construction of the Hoover Dam. Full Trail is in-and-out about 12 kilometre ride. After head to the Lake Mead Marina and rent a boat to explore the lake.

Dig This:
16 kilometres south of the Strip, you will find a heavy equipment playground! Heavy duty fun – Adult sized sand box complete with a fleet of excavators and bulldozers. Dig some massive trenches, stack 907kg tires and even play a game of excavator basketball.

Mob Museum:
The Mob museum located in Las Vegas’s Historical First Courthouse and post office, showcases scammers, money launderers and tax dodgers from the world of organized crime. Second floor you will find the restored courtroom and cool exhibits like the crime lab. Become a forensic scientist and analyze fingerprints and DNA.

Nellis Air Force Base:
20 minute drive North East from Las Vegas, you will find the Thunderbirds Museum, home to a smorgasbord of memorabilia of fighter planes from World War I, World War II and the Korean War, as well as Cold War-era planes, helicopters, tanks and other amazing and once-classified military equipment.
Note: You have to submit a tour request 30 days in advance of your visit. Tours are only offered Monday through Friday. Every other year the Airbase opens for the family-friendly Air & Space Expo which if you can attend…. you won’t be disappointed.

Still working on this article. but figured I would publish it 🙂

Nicole White
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