MARCH 2018

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“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or your can grow weeds”

With the shift in seasons and in our area… the endless winter-slush season… we are stuck feeling overwhelmed, foggy and bogged down. What can we do to brighten your spirits and leave yourself feeling refreshed… Here are some things you can use your planner to help you clean your life, your mind and your body!

Brain Dump:
Ever find your brain filling up and that overwhelming feeling sets in. Make a checklist or write down everything that is on your mind so you can focus on what needs to get done versus what you are stressing about starting. I use my planner as a drop for everything that needs to get done. If I have a thought, I write it on a sticky note and stick it in my planner so I will be able to action it at a later time and then I won’t forget.

Proper Habits
Last month we talked about self-love and making time for yourself and your needs as person. However, your daily habits (whether good or bad) contribute to how you end up feeling. Setting up yourself for success with habits that help you towards your goals and keep you on the right track.
Now when I talk about habits; they can be anything from making your bed to daily morning affirmations. Do what makes you feel good!
Now room for self-improvement is always necessary: curb those bad habits or form new good habits by using a habit tracker* track them monthly or weekly in your planner/Journal

Schedule your household
Trying to get everyone to the right places on time can be tricky in a family household. Take the stress out of your daily routine by planning your week ahead of time or have a schedule or whiteboard posted in a central location so your family can stay connected with whom needs to be where and at what time. This helps keep more level headed when a surprise event comes up and you need to adjust.
By knowing and recording of your household schedules and routines you will have a grasp of what needs to be done without fret.

Forgive and Forget!
Clear your brain. Who are you holding that resentment for? Holding pain and grudges never serves you. Remove the negativity permanently from your thoughts. Clear the air and move on. If you are wronged, it’s their loss and you don’t deserve to have the situation weigh you down.

Start Small:
NOW something to remember…. We all know clearing space or cleaning your thoughts can be overwhelming. Don’t force it. Start with small actionable steps you can take to clear that item.
For example: if your goal is to re-organize the kitchen. You might have a humongous kitchen with tons of drawers and cupboards packed to the brim with appliances and outdated food items. Start with that junk drawer. Then move on to the next drawer start small so you can “WIN” every time 😊
Looking for ways to jump start your new minimalist style? Check out minimalist on Netflix. Great perspective! Whether you are a full minimalist or just a person looking to gain back their space.
Monthly Challenge: Look around your home, office or look internally within. Take the challenge of sorting out one area in your life this coming month. Little steps until you are done! Doesn’t it feel good?

Nicole White
Author: Nicole White

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