Happy Halloween!



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Hello Gouls! Welcome and thank you for attending another fantastic evening building your goals and learning new ways of doing things! This month is about general planning and creating a theme using things you already have, or minimal purchasing.

Theme Planning: Each person’s personal preference is different. Some people will love stickers on every page. Where others will want a simple black pen with crisp lines or maybe bright colored pens everywhere with no rhyme or reason.

This month obviously is Halloween themed. However, how do you choose a theme?
Like I said everyone has their “things” they like. So your inspiration will come from what you want to achieve.
Some easy ways to help choose your theme:
Holidays: This is the easiest way as there is tons of stickers and washi tape that coordinate with each of the holidays.
– Colors: This is my next choice for choosing a theme. I choose a washi tape that makes me feel happy for the week then coordinate with stickers and smaller washi tape.
– Birthdays or special events: Anything happening in your week that you want to focus on? Going on a special trip? Mark them big and bold so you remember and create some excitement.
– Goals & Achievements: Won an award? Got a big promotion? Accomplished not eating sugar for the month? What ever it is….. celebrate it! Your planner is for you to express whatever you wish! It is yours the only person to judge you is you.

Celebrate the small things….. mmm gurl…. I see you being a #goaldigger…. write them down! 

What is your favorite theme to do? What is your go to?

MONTHLY CHALLENGE: Prep your DATES LIST for 2018… Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special occasions that need to be copied over to your 2018 planner. This will help you in the transition to the next year. I have included a date planner page I created. 😊 Enjoy!

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Author: Nicole White

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