Post-it Name Match – Match family names on sticky notes

Animal Parade – Make a parade on tape

Box Road – Use a box to create a unique city

Number Line Sorting – Sort out the number line with sticky notes

Sticker Line-Up – Use dot stickers to trace over lines

Hidden Colors Science – A fun twist on baking soda and vinegar

Pom Pom Drop / Ramp – Save those toilet paper tubes to make a ramp system!

ABC Post-it Match – Match up the ABCs on sticky notes

Shape Sorting – Sort real world objects by shape

Card Slot Drop – A quick activity for young toddlers

Animal Tape Rescue – Rescue animals trapped by tape

Alphabet Find Race – Kids race around the house to find their Abcs

Find the Shape – A shapes and coloring activity

Match & Glue – Matching pom pom balls to colors and gluing them

Erase the ABCs – Erase letter written in dry erase markers

DIY Ball Ramp – Create a DIY ball ramp from a box

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