Rice Bin – A simple rice sensory bin

Funnels and Rainbow Rice – Play with rice and funnels

Indoor Pouring Station – Create an indoor pouring station

Dinosaur Toy Bath – Give those dinosaur toys a bath

Oobleck Party – Have you made oobleck? It’s a must!

Bubble Foam Trucks – Play with bubble foam – just three ingredients that you have!

Ice Bin Scoop & Transfer – Scooping and transferring ice is so fun

Puzzle Sorting Station – Mix up puzzles to create a simple sensory and sorting bin

Toy Washing Station – Wash the plastic toys as an activity

LEGO Duplo Bath – Put the DUPLOS in the bath!

Popsicle Bath – Let your child enjoy a Popsicle in the tub

Paw Patrol Search & Rescue – Rescue the pups from water (or any favorite toy)

Pom Pom Soup – Pom pom balls CAN GET WET!

Rice Bin Scoop & Transfer – A rice scooping station is so peaceful

Color Bath – Create a color themed bath for kids

Making Potions – Let kids get creative and make potions

Nicole White
Author: Nicole White

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