Mammoth Hot Springs Trails – Virtual Field Trip

“For hundreds of years, Shoshone and Bannock people collected minerals from Mammoth Hot Springs for white paint. These minerals contribute to the beautiful terrace structures, along with heat, a natural “plumbing” system, water, and limestone.

The volcanic heat source for Mammoth Hot Springs remains somewhat of a mystery. Scientists have proposed two sources, including the large magma chamber underlying the Yellowstone Caldera, or perhaps a smaller heat source closer to Mammoth.”

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Mud Volcano Trail – Virtual Field Trip

“Yellowstone itself is a volcano, and one of its most spectacular eruptions occurred 640,000 years ago. During the eruption, the land collapsed and left a large depression in the earth—the Yellowstone Caldera. This caldera filled with lava flows over hundreds and thousands of years creating the volcanic plateau that comprises much of the central part of the park.” Click here for the virtual tour –